We are a privately owned Canadian company that operates out of Ontario, Canada. Our readers and distribution are global. HK is the only monthly ethnic health magazine published in Canada.

We have developed a wellness, ethnic health and lifestyle magazine to deliver and share that valuable information and data; Knowledge is Power!

HK magazines are on the high-quality stock from cover to cover, full color, bold easy to read the text and beautifully stylized. The magazine contents flourish with ethnic health alerts and wellness, food values, global health disparities, well written factual and informative articles, plus international profiles.

Our team is made up of experienced writers and medical professionals globally.

Studies have shown that different ethnic groups react differently towards the same treatment, and are more prone to different types of diseases. Better health choices can be made with useful and reliable health information specifically for our genes.

Healthy Knowledge (HK) magazine is for everyone. HK will remind you of the value of feeling good, feeling well.

Our motto: Good health starts with good choices.


Meet a new friend, HK.

I know that HK is a name that sounds like someone you will want to get to know. And by its look, HK is friendly. HK stands for good health, good living, wellness lifestyle and diverse information about health issues.

As publisher of Healthy Knowledge, I am pleased to introduce HK to you.
HK is not the first health and lifestyle magazine that you would have seen or read. Though HK is unique in its own way, and it is our hope that it will be an essential resource for you.

HK is relevant. Our health issues may largely be the same as in other ethnic groups, but we will focus our information on the different diseases and treatments pertaining to the Black community. We hope to shatter myths, address problems and confront tough questions.

We have greatly benefited from unique traditional and Western approaches to lifestyles choices, health care, family care, remedies, and treatments. HK wants to share some of this vital information with you.

HK is up to date. The most meaningful form of knowledge is fresh data. As a result, HK is committed to ensuring that the advice it offers is professional, sound, and benefits from recent research. We will provide proven health and wellness advice, discuss the latest advances in medicine, and nutritional information useful to you.

HK will be sharing information on health care and professionals in the community as one more way of ensuring that its readers can be in touch with people who have the training and attachment to our community.

HK is simple. The writing style is straightforward and HK’s layout is reader-friendly. We are aware that many of us feel confounded by complex terminology and medical jargon. Whenever possible, HK will express the issues in layman’s terms.

HK is lively. We are a vivacious people. HK will reflect that throughout our pages, by way of texts and photos that come to life. Moreover, our models will look the way we do, and our articles will mirror our needs and our behaviours. HK’s liveliness will also include an intelligent mix of fresh editorial content.

HK is interactive. In order to be relevant, up to date, simple and lively, HK has to engage its readers. Our website has been set up to provide the interactivity which will place the views of the widest cross-section of readers on its pages and site. On matters of good health and healthy living, remember that you don’t have to feel like a victim. HK hopes to make you an active participant.

So please welcome HK into your family and your home, into your workplace, and among your colleagues. The explosion of knowledge on health and lifestyle matters has afforded us real opportunities to live more happily, more fully, and longer.

Liz Philbert
Healthy Knowledge Magazine