Sept Publisher Note

Sept Publisher Note


When September comes we know summer is near to end. The gardens start another cycle; soon flowering beds and trees will stand bear.

It seems like just yesterday, I saw little Trillium flowers peeking out the ground, Bleeding Heart plants displaying pink flowers and, the Orchard tree bursting their fragrant in the air. Spring has sprung.

Summer came with the songs of birds breaking dawn; squirrels are busy roaming house to house, garden to garden enjoying their finds. It all happens so fast, although I know we call it 100 days of summer, but it’s already finish; time to lock away summer things for another year.

September is a month of endings and beginnings. Many of us head off to school to destination near and far, as we say good-bye to summer. It’s not easy to let the summer go, but it’s out of our control for nature gives and nature takes away. September also holds a special place in my heart as it’s the month my mother died. Highlighted on page 37 is a dedication to an amazing woman, Dr. Miriam Rossi. Both she and my mother lived on this earth well into their eighties.

Last July, I attended a Celebration of Life for Dr. Rossi. She was a mentor and a woman who champion her life to serve. Months before her pasting, I wrote her a letter but never sent it. Here is part of what was written in that letter, “With much love and respect you remain in my prayers. Lots of admiration for your work and the countless hours you spent giving your time, experience and knowledge towards assisting others.”

I met Dr. Rossi 15 years ago, as a volunteer at the Black Health Alliance; from where we applied to the Canadian Government for a grant to build a community health centre. We were allotted 3 million dollars and today TAIBU Community Health Centre is serving the community.

Dr. Rossi was instrument to the birth of this magazine, Healthy Knowledge. She urged and encouraged me to go ahead and fulfil my desire to start an ethnic health magazine. She guided and made recommendations. From the 1st edition Dr. Rossi promoted Heathy Knowledge magazines to her peers and members of her then, newly formed Black Doctors Association in Toronto. Dr. Rossi was always there for advice. Her demeanor made it easy to approach her. She did not look for recognition with buildings carrying her name, she just served. Dr. Rossi will always stay in my heart as a special friend for her contribution to this magazine.

True to my craft as a health promoter, this issue captures many basic reminders on good health from: foods to posture and stretching, list of mental health specialist, Alzheimer’s disease and the Shingles Disease. Plus survival tips with Emergency Preparation Checklist on pages 32 to 35.

It gives me great pleasure each month with my team to bring you useful health and lifestyle information.

Thanks to our readers, supporters and advertisers for our lasting success over 10 years.
Wishing you Healthy Knowledge!

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