Publisher’s Message

Publisher’s Message


Food for thought  

Reflect, Accept, Respect 

Millions globally are experiencing wars, famine, natural disasters and political corruption.
Our thoughts turn to those suffering, especially in South Sudan where more than four years of a civil warfare has left tens of thousands dead, two million displaced, half the population at threats of starvation without aid and a trail of atrocities — genocide, child warriors, rape, castration, burned villages and famine stalks the tortured land.
Also, the thousands of young men we are witnessing from Sub-Saharan Africa, who are being sold as slaves in Libya; the conflicts across Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon, and Chad which contributed to massive human suffering, including the uprooting of some 4.2 million people from their homes; Syria’s chemical attacks on its people; and the water crisis in Gaza with dangerous levels of chlorine and sulphate, as the waste treatment plants cannot work at full capacity from Israel’s 10-year blockade on Gaza.

Sadness glooms all around us from people hurting other people.

I questioned the hardships we bestow upon each other and reference to one of the works of the 4th Century,
on the ignoble list of human weaknesses namely The Cardinal Sins, known today as, The Seven Deadly Sins.
PRIDE, GREED, LUST, ENVY, GLUTTONY, WRATH, SLOTH The seven human weaknesses!
Most of us count ourselves as fortunate – even as we are pushed to demonstrate our moral responsibility daily, which ultimately strengthens our belief in ourselves and fellow man. Our integrity and dignity uphold the balance from right to the wrong distractions which create noise and more anxiety, to the poison in our thoughts – if for no other reason than they all offer
some temporal, even selfish, satisfaction – which manifests, then leak to others, in turn, pollutes our community and creates divisions in a society where no one benefits. Reflect, Accept, Respect

From cover to cover in this issue is packed with information you can use and put into practice for a healthier balance. We hope you share the knowledge gained here with your family, friends, and co-workers.
Day after day I am so thankful for and keen to benefit from, the reservoir of knowledge that I gain from the documents that pass over my desk, and the folk I meet. Meeting readers most of whom I have never seen before, and having them say, “I read this magazine at the clinic.. at my mother’s.. at a friend…at the library” is always a joy. It renews me to do it again and again.

THIS MONTH we at HK MAGAZINE are celebrating as we observe the start our 10th year. Many thanks, to Our Sponsors, Reader, and Supporters.

‘Good Health Starts with Good Choices’     Wishing YOU Healthy Knowledge!
Liz Philbert – Publisher

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