APRIL 2018 issue – Publisher’s Note

APRIL 2018 issue – Publisher’s Note


Publisher’s Note

This month brings reasons to celebrate – spring is here – we are witnessing the emerging wonders of nature, as the ground and trees turn the color-wheel and display their fresh spring palette.

Like Spring itself we should seek to reinvent or renew our lives and allow our natural beauty and our resilience to emerge. We can make that choice not to give in to sadness and despair; not to fall prey to gloom and doom, turning to a strong will and strong belief system to see us through.

We have all been told that when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Springtime is a good time as any to smile from the inside out.
It’s a time to stop and look at the world around us.
It’s a time to stop thinking about our day-to-day mundane lives and dream a little!
First comes the dream, wish or goal. Wishing is free, so go ahead and sow those mental seeds! Next – the plan and self-determined action needed to make your dream grow.
Finally – the joy of seeing that flower blossom.

We have an opportunity each day to fulfill and accomplish goals through hard work and persistence by replacing the wish-bone with a backbone of strength and belief.

Yes, with spring in the air; it’s an encouragement of hope for brighter days.

We have noticed that our male readership has grown considerably over the last three years, and we felt that it is time to say, “Thank you guys for all of your support, also for taking the time to look after yourselves.”

Wishing YOU Healthy Knowledge – Happy Easter & Passover

Liz E. Philbert

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