MARCH issue

MARCH issue




This month’s cover is graced with Sophie Gregoire Trudeau the spouse of Prime Minister Justice Trudeau. She has an innate grace and style that one may be tempted to address her as Lady Sophie. The ease of her personality reflects a person you can share a good laugh with. She is a reliable source who champions for the rights of women and girls globally; therefore it is fitting for us to highlight Sophie Gregoire Trudeau pages 20 – 21 in acknowledgement of the 105th International Women’s Day on March 8.

Women in 2018 have arrived with strength, tenacity and support. We have outgrown burn the bras marches from the 60’s to 2017 Pink Hats global marches and witness within the last 6 months, growing numbers of powerful ‘sexists’ men fall in disgrace.

It is apparent the works of women – First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt; Betty Friedan; Mother of Feminism, Gloria Steinem; United States Supreme Court justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg; Angela Davis; The Famous Five (Canada); Annie Jiagge (Ghana); Shirin Ebadi (Iran); and many, many, others globally; whose work were never recognized outside of their communities – over decades brought about the changing mindset as women are gaining more equal rights today.

This is an exciting time for society.

The old boys’ club windows are open, airing the stuffiness; as fresh ways and attitudes blow in.

IT’S-A NEW DAY – welcome to a new era – where the acts of sexism are quickly vanishing, like a puff of smoke that’s been polluting our environment.

March month for us in this part of the world is the beginning of spring. Most have anxiously awaited the passing of winter. Good indicators that spring is here are longer daytime hours, the temperature starts getting warmer and the trees and grounds begin giving birth to new life.

The theme for this issue is on WOMEN’S HEALTH, you will find Sexual (women) Satisfaction on pages 22-23, Ovarian Cancer, Menopause and Vaginal health on pages 27 – 28.
Exercising and easy to follow tips to shape up for the new season are on pages 30 to 34. We share foods their values and benefits in our Wellness section pages 5 – 14. There are quizzes and lots more, including International Women’s Day on pg. 19.
Hope you enjoy this issue of Health Knowledge magazine and share your copy with your friends, family and associates.

Good Health starts with Good Choice.

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