Advise for first-time smokers & long-time users

2018 Canadian laws

  • If you have not consumed cannabis before, it would be prudent to have someone with you the first time you use it.
  • Store your medication in a cool, dark location for the best results. Health Canada stated: “The ideal storage temperature for the finished dried cannabis product is 2 °C to 6 °C with a shelf life of 12 months.”
  • Using cannabis or any cannabis product can impair your concentration, your ability to think and make decisions, and your reaction time and coordination. This can affect your motor skills, including your ability to drive
  • The minimum age of 19 and up to use, buy, possess and cultivate cannabis in Ontario
  • When legalized by the federal government by July 2018, cannabis will be sold: in stores under strict retailing standards that meet federal requirements for cannabis sales and online where products would be delivered securely and safely across the province
  • Recreational cannabis is only be permitted to use in a private residence – not allowed to use in any public place, workplaces or motorized vehicles

Medical Marijuana & OHIP

Does my healthcare insurance cover my prescription cost for medical cannabis?

Unfortunately, most insurance plans do not cover the cost of medical cannabis at this time. Some plans do offer coverage, so we suggest contacting your insurance company directly to learn your specific scope of coverage.

Medical Marijuana & Income Tax

Is medical cannabis eligible as an income tax medical expense?

Yes. You can claim your sales receipts from your medical cannabis on your income taxes

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