Publisher’s Note August 2017

Publisher’s Note August 2017


Summer Fresh

Fresh Foods, Fresh Skin Tones, Fresh Blooms of flowers

Summer fresh can be the mind, body and spirit getting a boost. Most of us get out more in the summer whether vacationing in our backyards or travelling to faraway destination.  The warmer weather with longer daylight hours are perfect excuses to feel alive. It’s also great times for hiking, hooking up with a friend, catching a musical in the park, and a baseball game; doing something new and fresh – from a new hair cut to taking up a new hobby.

A fresh look can bring on a positive change in attitude.  Like a smile, a positive attitude is very contagious; why not accompany it with a fresh coat of compassion not just towards ourselves but others as well, for our world is being rocked by many natural and manmade disasters already this year.

We have to deal with uncertainties in governments, food shortages and famine in some countries, terrorism rampage throughout, droves of people seeking refuge by land and sea and the sway towards wars are too real.

The strong will survive!  We can all survive if we do it together with a fresh outlook. Let’s make time to reach out and show compassion. Let’s help those who are less fortunate and displaced; while we look closely at the actions of our elected officials. Let’s make the difference this summer that we yearn for ourselves.

We were pleased to see the new trend of seniors going back to school; highlighted on pages 28, 29 Greying Returnees.

To be young is to be foolish – if so – Life in the Fast Lane, Cocaine Usage & Stroke and Last Call Alcoholism are must reads on pages 34 – 36.

An organ recipient shed light on her survival before and after receiving a new heart on pages 32- 33.

The section on WELLNESS this month gives tips and solutions to Feeling Run Down, Times to take your Medicine, Natural Solution to Hot Flash, Alternative ways to Detox the body plus, foods and their benefits.

Sex for Boomers and the NEW female Viagra is on page 34.

Lots of interesting heath care news we shared with you and hope you will share this magazine with your friends, family and coworkers. Living well is an art; let’s stroke our lives from the color wheel and incorporate a few Summer Fresh things, for our benefit and those around us.

 Wishing YOU healthy knowledge!   Liz E. Philbert – Publisher


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