Publisher’s Message

Publisher’s Message


ENJOY – It’s one of the most important action elements of living well.

The word ENJOY came from Middle English enjoien, from Anglo-French enjoir, enjoier to gladden, enjoy, from en- + joie joy; making it a feeling, a conscious assessment of a situation.

We can enjoy: a meal, someone’s company, or a situation.  We can enjoy being alive!

An encounter at the bus stop recently with a senior gave me more appreciations for the word enjoy. We started chatting. I noticed how restless she was becoming within 2 min waiting for the bus. The bus was about 5 yards away but stopped for the red traffic light. What drew my attention to her was the noise from her sucking her teeth in anger. I asked her if she was late for work, she told me no and explained the wind was bothering her. I laughed to myself and continued the conversation of how lucky we were to feel the wind for those who are lying in the hospital can only wish. She did not quite get what I was getting at, as she pointed to a new apartment being built and blames it for the wind. Plus the sun was so hot, she said. Again I reminded her how lucky we were, this time she heard and understood and voiced, ‘its true’ as she remembered the woman she just came from visiting, who was confined to her bedroom.

The bus arrived and I sat away from her; in my heart knowing that our brief encounter laminated hers and my appreciation to enjoy.

In our society we tend to take life too seriously as we carry our daily routines; full of stress, not enjoying the presence of sight, sounds, taste, and smells all around us.

Summertime is good as any to stop the hustle and bustle – to take in moments to enjoy our surroundings – to take the time to enjoy our journey as we experience life. LIVING WELL in good health is something most of us strive for.

In this issue, we bring updates on foods and definite Vegans vs Veganism, tips on Safe Food Preparation, in alternative news Cancer & Race, and a list of Warning Signs of Cancer and Skin Cancer. Back Pain and Treatment for Sports Injuries plus Fitness and Strength for those 40+  are in our Lifestyle section, plus a Q&A with an organ recipient. Special on, Addiction and Enablers; that and more for you to enjoy within these covers.

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