June Issue – Publisher’s Note

June Issue – Publisher’s Note


JUNE is a colorful month as nature springs its fresh blooms; Brides walk down the aisle; Schools are closed for the summer and children at any age cast thoughts on their father. It’s Father’s Day on June 17. Father’s Day seems to ignite something in a lot of people.

The older I get the more love and appreciation I have for my father. He instilled morals, values, and self-worth in me. Every now and then I remember moments we shared and how much he has inspired me with his dedication to his work at the hospital; his self-reliant to build ‘himself a house for the family’; his love for the sport of cricket and his passion for photography.

I remember also, how strict he was with me and understand today that was his way of parental guidance. I want to say to him and hope he can hear me from heaven this Father’s Day, “thank you for being the best dad you can.”

IN A SALUTE TO ALL MEN, this issue on Men’s Health is specially tailored with topics on the male’s lifestyle, wellness and overall health maintain.

HEALTH is fundamental to the quality of life; most of us would agree that our health and the health of our loved ones is what matters most to us.

Good health starts with Good Choices.

We hope the information, news, and tips shared within these pages are helpful for you to make conscious decisions towards your optimal health. Share this read with your love ones, co-worker, friends, and associates.

Wishing You Healthy Knowledge!



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