FEBUARY is Heart Month, it’s also Black History Month and Valentine Day on February 14, there are so many celebrations in February, all of them showcasing self-love and love for one’s fellow man. January started with a bang, as the USA trumped in a new president.

On January 21 a spectacular display of ‘Sisterhood’ globally, as women spearheaded a marched through the streets namely, The Women’s March.

In this issue, we acknowledged this spectacular march on pages 31 – 32. In recognition and to emphasize to the importance of heart care we dedicated many pages (15 – 28) to The Human Heart with topics on: heart attacks, heart disease, heart rate calculation, men’s heart alert, heart quizzes and lots more heart health tips.

Black History Month

Is truly a time to acknowledge the triumphs over adversity: share cultural experiences, traditions, highlight the contributions of Black people to the development of the arts, technology and the sciences, industry and world trade, and religion and philosophy and honor those heroes before us for their sacrifice and suffering – many of them remain unknown. 

In Canada, we are proud to have the first woman’s face on our monetary bill. The winner from over 26,000 submissions to the Bank of Canada is an African Nova Scotian businesswoman and civil rights activist, VIOLA DESMOND.  This came as a pleasant surprise, to me. The late Ms. Desmond will be the face on Canada’s $10 bill.

Yes, this is a month of celebrations!

Happy Valentine & Wishing You Healthy Knowledge

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