Happy Holidays – Publisher’s Note

Happy Holidays – Publisher’s Note


“Taking Control” – 

December marks the ending of another year.

For many of us we reflect on our experiences over the last 11 months; good or bad we grew into the attitude we gave to each experience. December is reflection on the road traveled, as we gaze ahead.

In December is the joyous feast and celebrations of the birth of Jesus. This time of the year greetings come from, near and afar; as over 2 billion people worldwide partake in Christmas – Christians and non-Christians alike.

Typically, it’s the peak selling season for retailers in many nations around the world. Sales increase dramatically as people purchase gifts, decorations, and supplies to celebrate.

When we are enjoying precious time with friends and family at Christmas, and enjoying the festive cheers this time of year brings, it’s easy to take for granted the simple things like food on the table and a warm bed at night. For homeless people, the reality of Christmas is completely different.

Christmas is very hard to ignore. The season bounces off the walls at malls with Christmas music and lavish decorations for shoppers piling into the stores.  Streets and houses are illuminated and inflated Santa bops aimlessly; soon the traditional songs play in our mind as we unconsciously hum our favorites. What a season? A season of glitter and cheer; which touches the body, mind and spirit in so many ways including sadness and loneliness for some.

I wish YOU, happiness this December and remember Christmas is what you make it.

May Yours Be a Happy Day, if it’s not, tomorrow is another day.

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Liz Philbert


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