Male Sexual Health – Understanding Chinese Medicine Philosophy

Male Sexual Health – Understanding Chinese Medicine Philosophy


There are legends in the Chinese culture of Emperors that had harems of hundreds of women who continued with sexual virility into old age because they had at their hands the wisdom and knowledge of Chinese medicine which included lifestyle guides and herbal tonics.

It is a man’s worst nightmare, as he ages, his erection is not as strong as it once was or his desire is less than it used to be. Believe it or not, there is a solution to this.

In Western medicine, when a man has a problem with erection, they offer the little blue pill. In Chinese medicine, it is understood which organs and substances are involved in sexual strength and what is weak or in excess that is causing the problem and can be identified for each specific problem. From there we know what therapies or herbal prescriptions can be used. The aim of Chinese medicine is to find the root of the problem and re-balances what has lost its equilibrium.

One of the biggest factors that deplete sexual energy in males is over ejaculation, whether during intercourse or masturbation.  Men in their 20‘s and 30‘s often use ejaculation as a stress relief or to combat a high sexual appetite. The result is an over loss of essence is a weaker sexual energy later in life in their 40’s and 50’s. People don’t usually make the connection because the depletion of the male sexual energy takes time to happen. In younger men who feel this need for excessive ejaculation, they have an abundance of yang or heat in their body.  Acupuncture can help reduce the excess and relax the mind so he can save his essence, preventing from any dysfunction later in life.

The male sexual energy is held in the kidneys, not just the physical kidneys but the energetic system of the kidneys flowing through the body. The kidneys are the house of the essence which is the most valuable substance in the human body, it is the basis of life and how strong one’s essence determines their fertility, sexual strength and general growth and development.

Essence is the substance in the kidneys that is connected to life itself, it is referred to as the root of life because it is the essence that is the basis for reproduction, growth, and development.  The strength of our essence that is passed from our parents determines our basic constitution, vitality, and strength.  It is the basis of sexual life and the formation of sperm and egg. This is why it is important to be in good health when attempting to get pregnant (for male and female) because the strength of the mother and father is passed on to the child through their essence.

Yin and yang are also basic energy substances which form the foundation of the body, yin being the cool substance of the body and yang being the warm energy that drives the functions.

As we age, the essence, yin and yang gradually decline, this is when grey hair starts, the teeth become loose and the sexual energy also declines.

Symptoms of Kidney deficiency: Low libido, low energy Lower back, and knee weakness or pain Difficulty with urination Anxiety and insomnia Easily hot or cold Dark color around the eyes Swelling or overweight Premature grey hair

Emphasis is placed on prevention of the essence, but what can be done for a male who already finds problems with ejaculation and erection?

It is important to point out things relating to lifestyle, that can deplete kidney energy faster than the aging process. These things include: • Too much sexual activity with ejaculation • Mental exhaustion • Recreational drugs

For men who are having a problem having a strong erection, the problem lies with a lack of fire which cannot support the function. Tonics are used to strengthen the kidney yang and acupuncture can be used to increase blood flow. These treatments are noone-timeme cures; they are used to slowly strengthen the body.  Acupuncture treatments are done in courses of treatment from 6-10 sessions before a break is taken with more sessions to follow depending on the person.  Herbal medicine can be expected to continue from weeks to months.

Things you can do to help with sexual dysfunction: • Stop sexual activity for a period of time to allow the body to rejuvenate • Eat a healthy diet, not too much raw and cold foods • Maintain a regular sleeping pattern and get to sleep before midnight • Exercise your PC (pelvic floor muscle), try to stop the flow of urine to understand which muscles to use • Keep a healthy mind, don’t hold and repress emotions

There is a guide in Chinese medicine which outlines how often a man should ejaculate based on his age so as not to use more kidney essence than his body can handle. They are just guides and every man’s body is individual if you notice that you are very tired or dizzy or out of breath after ejaculation then you may want to increase the number of days until the next time or seek treatment with Chinese medicine to increase the strength of your kidney energy.

Healthy male ejaculation guidelines: • Male of 30 should ejaculate no more than once every 3-6 days • Male of 40 no more than once every 5-8 days • Male of 50 no more than once every 6-10 days

Aging is a natural process, but it can be done intelligently, Chinese Medicine is the perfect complement to help men who find their sexual power is aging faster than they may like. Above all, prevention of further sexual decline is something that can easily be done by you.

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