JUNE 2016


June month marks the half way point on a calendar year; it’s also the month summer begins (June 21). This June we celebrate Father’s Day on June 19 and give recognition to Canada’s First Nation people on June 21. World Sickle Cell Day is on June 19 & World Blood Donor Day is on June 14.

Toronto celebrates Gay Pride for 10 days from June 24 through July 3, 2016.

Ramadan a month of fasting for Muslims globally, begins on June 7.

Lots to observe and lots to take in!

We have notice that our male readership has grown considerable over the years, and we felt that it is time to say, “Thank you guys for all of your support, also for taking the time to look after yourselves.”

“For this issue we featured articles that relate to you, on men’s lifestyle: from sexuality to mental issues to important health tests and wellness.

We give a shout-out to Muhammad Ali on page 19 as our Father’s Day special feature and acknowledge with admiration President Obama’s efforts, as he has lifted this March various travel and financial restrictions and opened US embassies in Cuba – we highlighted on page 22, one of Cuba’s most source out produces, Cigars.

SUMMER IS HERE! Let’s enjoy these warm days and make this summer 2016 one we will always remember.

Hope you enjoy the articles and will put some into your daily practice of good health.”

‘Good Health Starts with Good Choices.’

Wishing you Healthy Knowledge!

Liz E. Philbert  –  Publisher

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