JULY 2016


Ahh! It’s Summer

The lazy hazy days of summer, as many of us take advantage of the warm weather by choosing to: go camping, gardening, vacationing, eating more freshly picked veggies and fruits, taking in a ballgame or two and do all the fun things daily, which can fit into our 18 hours of daylight.

With the July sun comes, the humidity in Ontario, as most are grateful for temporary relief by powering up air conditioners.

FOR THIS ISSUE we share information and tips on: Surviving the Summer Heat Wave; Summer Bugs (creepy crawlies and flying bugs); Summer drink: Canadian Craft Beer, Rum Punch and Margaritas drink recipes; Body Tune  UP: Alternative Detoxifying with & Cleansing out toxins; images of Obesity and questions to Food Self-Control. You will find an article on Addictions, plus caring for Back Pain and Physiotherapy. Lots of more useful information on: Sweet Potatoes, Leeks, Shitake Mushrooms and Cholesterol Food Sources are nested within. We truly hope you find the information provided useful and would add them to your daily health regime. “Good Health Starts with Good Choice”

Have a happy and safe summer; let’s take the time to participate in the many concerts and festivities in the city.

Wishing you Healthy Knowledge!

Liz Philbert – Publisher

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