Healthy Living Quiz


Healthy Living Quiz   By: Nicole Mensah

In such a fast paced world, are you finding time to eat right and exercise? It is unfortunate that more and more women are being diagnosed with high cholesterol, diabetes, and other health problems associated with being over weight. These issues are all preventable if you make a few changes to your daily routine. 

Take this quiz and discover your Healthy Living Rating.

A. When in a building, you…

  1. Prefer to ride the elevator
  2. Sometimes take the stairs, if I’m not in a hurry
  3. Always take the stairs


  1. Each day I drink…
    1. Large quantities of coffee
    2. Juice, water, pop; whatever I can get my hands on
    3. 6-8 glasses of water


  1. As far as fruits and vegetables are concerned you…
    1. Believe that fruit flavored candies count as acceptable options
    2. Eat a good amount every so often
    3. Make it a habit to include fruits or vegetables in every meal


  1. When eating breads you…
    1. Stick to white flour
    2. Try those new mixtures of white and whole wheat flours
    3. Exclusively eat whole grains


  1. On your spare time you…
    1. Sit in front of the T.V. and put your feel up
    2. Clean the house or do some gardening
    3. Visit a gym, go jogging, etc.


  1. You eat breakfast…
    1. Breakfast? Who has time for breakfast?
    2. Occasionally; otherwise, I grab a cup of coffee
    3. Every morning; after all it is the most important meal of the day!


  1. Your dinners consist of…
    1. Huge portions of red meat (steak, beef)
    2. Usually white meat (chicken, turkey), but I will cook up a steak every once in a while
    3. Only white meat



The Results!

Mostly A’s

You have a Low Rating on the Healthy Living Scale. We understand that life can get very hectic and it is hard to maintain a healthy balance. However, you must realize that you don’t have to have a gym membership to be active. Simply walking more or increasing the time spent on your feet can help you shed those extra pounds.


Mostly B’s

You have a Medium Rating on the Healthy Living Scale. You are on the right track, with very good intentions. However, in times of high stress you tend to fall back on old, bad habits. Remember that if you have the will power to lead a healthy life, you will succeed.


Mostly C’s

You have a High Rating on the Healthy Living Scale. Congratulations! You know what it means to lead a balanced life. You eat well, exercise regularly, and are less likely to develop serious medical problems as you age. Since you are such an advocate for healthy living, go out and share your tips with your friends!

To all who take this quiz… Remember to love your body, and know that you are beautiful!

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